About us

The primary goal that usalama aims to achieve is to provide its users with fast and accurate emergency communication.

in this case the emergency cases are crime, health and fire emergencies which individuals face on daily basis. This application is delivered over the smartphone and ussd shortcode platforms in order to ensure that any individual with a mobile phone can use it.

It is Accurate

Accuracy is achieved using gps technology in mobile phones to send location information.

We're Punctual

Text messages are transmitted in real time to enhance response. Service provider costs apply.

We're responsible

We care about your security and well-being and so our goal is to ensure that you are safe.

We're Friendly

Feel free to talk to us anytime. Our customer care is always available for you.

Happy users
Distresses triggered
Crime distress calls

It primarily allows users to send emergency messages to three predefined contacts of close family and friends. This makes use of gps technology to capture the exact geographical location of the victims


This is the hub of all distress calls. All the distress calls will accumulate in the central database for analysis and further manipulation to provide Usalama users with invaluable information regarding security.

Usalama on ussd

Usalama on USSD is a mobile platform that uses USSD shortcodes to provide a quick distress mechanism to users without smartphone devices.

Fire disaster distress call

A fire response mechanism has been included within the application to enable individuals to send distress calls for fires

What you are saying

I love the simplicity of the app and its ease of operation; great idea and great job!

Diana Oganda

Gud app, very light n simple design. Thumbs up.

Mutwiri Brian

Great App Very easy to use and very lightweight...

Allan Samo

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